3 Jar Bundle (Includes FREE Delivery)

3 Jar Bundle (Includes FREE Delivery)

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Choose from:

FRESH -  Fresh, fruity and flowery with hints of Jasmine, Bergamot, Patchouli, Vanilla, Orange, and Lavender.

FOREST - Black Spruce, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Lemon all combine perfectly to provide that fresh forest scent.

FRUIT - Tutti Frutti delight! Predominately Orange and Lemon with background hints of Pine and Mint.

SEA BREEZE - Scented with a refreshing essential oil blend of Lime, Lemon, Lavender and a background hint of Spearmint for extra freshness.

SIMPLE - Our most simple formula with only 6 ingredients perfectly balanced. Unscented.

SENSITIVE - This is our baking soda free ‘Sensitive’ version which is suitable for all and any skin types. Lemon, Geranium and Vanilla provide a lovely unisex scent that is sure to keep you smelling fresh and feeling great all day long.

SPORT - In our sport blend we've combined the warming, soothing properties of Camphor, Wintergreen, Lemon and Pine. This combination of essential oils works particularly well at overriding any sweaty smells and we've also added extra odour protection for your most demanding days.


We avoid the nasty chemicals used in sprays and have opted for a creamy deodorant balm that melts effortlessly into skin. Less is often more. We use only a handful of really high quality, safe, natural ingredients that both nourish and protect. Simply rub a small amount between fingertips and start your day with a little pit massage. You now have 12+ hour odour protection. Simple. Effective.

55g (3 month supply)

Directions: Scoop out a small amount, rub between fingers then rub into armpits.


Coconut Oil - Naturally antibacterial & anti-fungal, Quality moisturiser. Organic.

Shea Butter - Great moisturiser, loaded with Vitamins A, E and F and is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores. Organic.

Magnesium Oxide - Gentle, yet powerful odour eliminator. (Only in Sensitive)

Bicarbonate Soda - Natural, antibacterial, edible & absorbent. Powerful odour eliminator. (Not in Sensitive)

Arrowroot Powder - Absorbs perspiration, ensures an easy spread. Organic.

Jojoba Oil - Non-allergenic & naturally anti-bacterial. Doesn’t clog pores & creates a nice consistency. Organic.

Kiwi Seed Oil - Aids in the relief of itchy, irritated skin conditions. Packed with Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant which revitalises and protects the skin, Vitamin C (more than an orange), Vitamin K, Copper, Potassium, Manganese and Folate. The high concentration of omega-3 maintains moisture in the skin and keeps it supple. Organic.

Carnauba Wax - Binds everything together resulting in a lovely texture.

Essential Oils - Only the purest, finest oils to give a gentle, pleasant fragrance. Anti-bacterial & Organic.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A. Purvis
Good Stuff

Really Happy changing to natural deodrant so much better!

Simply Effective Natural Deodorant

Am trying to do my bit for the environment by cutting down on plastic use and came across this product. I have only been using the deodorant for just over a week and I have to say that it totally does what it says on the jar leaving me feeling fresh all day ... fantastic product. Whether or not its cost effective, time will tell but I love the idea of having a glass jar which can then be refilled. I bought the 3 jar bundle so my daughters could try it and they agree on just how effective the deodorant works.


I am very pleased with my purchase. I love the smell and feel secure that it will work all day.

Scent is amazing!

I switched to natural deodorant about 13 months ago when I started going through the menopause and noticed that I smelt still with regular deodorant (the hot sweats didn't help). I've tried a few brands but these are so far the best! I stay fresh all day,
my armpits look healthy, no staining or thickening of material under the armpit They smell amazing, it's so easy to use and I can upcycyle the glass pots when I finish. Very happy with my purchase of 3 pots....hard part is choosing which one to try next! 😀

Love it!

Tried a few natural deodorants before finding Simply Effective. I'm a bit sensitive to the bicarbonate of soda so their sensitive version is perfect for me however I do use the Sport one occasionally on super high demand days. In all honesty I think the sensitive offers the best odour protection (remember it's not a classic antiperspirant so moisture is to be expected!!) and I still feel fresh at the end of the day without reapplying. I also love the skin care ingredients in the formula as well and as someone who has their underarms waxed regularly I really appreciate the natural antibacterial, moisturising and soothing qualities of this deodorant! Also the jars last a while so they're super good value! Oh and last point the glass jar and bamboo lid are just beauts.